Program Rules

Eligibility is contingent on the participant’s continued employment at a Retail location enrolled in the RPM program. As used herein the term “Retail” means any location that sells to consumers and has the equipment in its retail establishment to balance and mount tires. If a participant ends their employment where their enrollment took place, the participant is automatically ineligible and will be removed from the program. If new employment is secured at a new Retail location that is already participating in the program, participants will need to re-enroll into the RPM program and notify Program Headquarters of this change.

Continental Tire the Americas, LLC (CTA) may send you important notices by email. You are responsible to maintain a current and valid email address on your online profile for this program.

Participants may enroll in the following manner:
Complete enrollment form online at

NOTE: Each participant is limited to one active enrollment. For example, if a participant is employed at two Retail locations, the participant’s enrollment is limited to only one of those locations.

Eligible Continental and General Tires:
Eligible marketing lines can and will change throughout the year, with or without notice, as well as points per marketing line. Active marketing lines will be listed on the website’s welcome page. Claims on eligible marketing lines will be any invoice dated within the eligible marketing line period.
- If a marketing line is added, invoices dated on changeover date (noted on website) will be accepted. Invoices dated prior to changeover date are not eligible.
- If a marketing line is removed from the eligibility line-up, any invoice date after removal date will not be accepted for eligibility of points.

Submitting units sold
1. Submit claims for units sold at by entering invoice #, date of transaction and units sold per marketing line. Enrollment is required prior to submitting units. You may not claim invoices dated before your enrollment date.
2. Claims must be submitted within 45 days of invoice date.
3. You may only claim units sold to an end consumer and, unless an exception has been approved in writing by CTA’s RPM Program Manager, the invoice can have no more than one marketing line with a maximum of 6 units. To request an exception, the participant should contact RPM Customer Service.
4. For sales submissions to be valid, legible copies of the invoices* and your claims cover sheet must be submitted online, mailed, or faxed and postmarked within 45 days of invoice date to:

Continental RPM

Dept # 145502

P.O. Box 52106

Phoenix, AZ 85072

OR fax to 480-355-0211

RPM points will not post on account until invoices and the corresponding claims cover sheets are received via online submission, mail, or fax and verified.
*All invoices must include the customer’s name; invoice number and date; marketing line and quantity sold; tire size; unit price; and Mount and Balance.

Ineligible Sales
Sales to anyone other than an end-consumer are ineligible. These include:
• Auto Repair Shops
• Car Dealers
• Tire Shops

Sales to municipalities and customers outside of the United States are also ineligible for the program.

Claim rewards
- Once claims are submitted and verified with the matching invoice and claim form, RPM points will be available to use toward rewards.

- Participants should log on to and select the reward.

- Rewards will be mailed or emailed to the address provided by the user at the time reward is ordered.

Account Inactivity
If you have not entered a claim in 90 days, your ability to redeem will be frozen after 120 days and your points will be expired after 150 days of account inactivity. Account activity is where there has not been a claim submission during the specified times.

If you have not entered a claim in 120 days, your ability to redeem will be frozen until you submit a claim. After 150 days of account inactivity, your points will be expired and account deactivated. Account activity is where there has not been a claim submission during the specified times.

If you have not entered a claim in 150 days, your account has not had account activity, your points will be expired and account deactivated. If you have concerns, please contact your Area Dealer Manager.

Dealers that are no longer active accounts with Continental Tire and are placed in a Grace Period Pending Removal status will have 45 days to use any unused points in their account. Dealers may not continue submitting invoices during this time. Points will expire after 45 days.

Additional Rules and Guidelines for Continental RPM
In all matters relating to the interpretation and application of the Program rules, the decisions of RPM Program management will be final.

RPM Program Management reserve the right to audit all Program records, including individual retail store location records.

Continental RPM points cannot be transferred, purchased, sold or redeemed for cash.

RPM program participant is responsible for federal, state and local income taxes on all rewards earned. CTA must complete an IRS form 1099 and send it to you for any year in which your award earnings are more than $600. It is suggested that each reward earner consult a tax advisor in regard to reporting the reward income for income tax reporting purposes. Any liability for federal, state or local income tax imposed on any reward earner will be the responsibility of the reward earner and not CTA or RPM Headquarters.

CTA reserves the right to change, cancel or extend the Program at any time. CTA reserves the right to disqualify participants from eligibility for rewards. CTA reserves the right to disqualify Retail locations that are not in good standing. CTA reserves the right to disqualify any participant found to have submitted false or inaccurate sales.

CTA maintains no control over the rewards supplied through this program. Additionally, CTA maintains no control over personnel, equipment or operations of any carrier or transportation company, hotel, restaurant or any other entity providing services for travel; these suppliers are independent contractors. CTA shall not be liable for any damage, loss, expense, injury, delay or inconvenience caused by or contributed to by any negligent or unauthorized act by any of these suppliers, by any defect in or failure of equipment they own, operate or furnish, or by any other cause beyond the direct control of CTA. Furthermore, CTA shall not be liable for any damage, loss, expense, injury, delay or inconvenience caused by the use of any reward or product distributed via this promotion.